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Kush.com CBD Isolate Pricing Index: April 19, 2019

Introducing the Kush CBD Isolate Pricing Index

Pricing CBD Isolate Kush Marketplace has worked to create the first-ever, CBD Isolate Pricing Index. The CBD Isolate Pricing Index establishes an industry benchmark for pure 99%+ CBD. To create the index, Kush worked with 15 of the largest hemp extraction companies in the United States. Matched with exclusive pricing data from Kush Marketplace, the …

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Big Hemp and Tobacco Agriculture

With over 650,000 acres of Tobacco being grown in the USA, mega farms are watching the hemp industry. Tobacco fields grow in a similar climate to hemp, and produce around 2300 lbs per acre, with a price of ~$2.00 / lb. This yields a per acre value of around $5k of harvested tobacco. Hemp in comparison can be worth as much as 60k-100k per acre.

CBD Spot Prices – Feb 2019

The CBD market is a constantly evolving, on a weekly basis.  In this article we examine current spot prices of CBD for Hemp biomass, crude, distillate and isolate, and what factors are influencing price.  Our goal is to create an index of prices so that you can price your products to sell on the marketplace, …

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Kahner Global Investment Series

The Cannabis Private Investment Summit Series has quickly become one of the leading educational conferences on cannabis in North America. Started in 2015 by Noa Kahner of Kahner Global, the summit allows some of the most innovative minds within the blossoming world of cannabis the opportunity to meet with a small number of meticulously vetted high-net-worth investors …

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The Impact of moisture on Hemp Biomass

This article examines the sales process for farmers and processors, and the impact water weight has on the fair market value of CBD.  Currently market rate for hemp biomass is hovering between $3.25 and $4.25 / % / lb. Although this is accepted across the industry as the fair market rate, there is a major …

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2019 Seed Stock Trends

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill opens the floodgates to opportunity, with a helping of turbulence as rules and regulations take shape.  What is certain is that business owners can have a life-changing year, with the right preparation. This article looks at how changes in seed suppliers will impact your bottom line. Seed Stock …

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Marijuana VS Hemp

While the passing of the farm bill opens many doors to hemp farming, many states are left scrambling when it comes down to the details of how hemp and marijuana are regulated. On the federal level, the Non-psychoactive derivative of hemp – CBD has been taken off the controlled substance act, and farmers are now …

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The Great Oregon Auction

On June 7th and 8th, the Oregon Hemp Convention is holding the largest CBD and Hemp Biomass auction in the country.  Supported by an enthusiastic Department of Agriculture looking to the further their state agriculture opportunities, this event is breaking new ground for interstate commerce. Hosted at the Oregon Convention Center, the Oregon Hemp Convention …

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CBD Surplus, or Mass Shortage?

The CBD Hemp market in the USA has breached an important tipping point, from CBD shortage to surplus.  Prices have fallen from $7,500 / kilo of CBD isolate to under $7,000 / kilo, with some businesses bottoming out pricing at $6,250 due to the need for cash flow to pay their bills. This article examines …

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2018 Farm Bill Analysis

The final 2018 Farm Bill has passed the U.S. Senate with a vote of 87-13.  Now, the Farm Bill has passed the house with a margin of 349-47, and is headed to the President desk to be signed into law. Below we highlight sections in the Farm Bill that impact Hemp and CBD… Interstate Commerce …

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