Michael Gordon

Biomass Market Strategy

Professional brokers and deal makers exist in every ag industry. This is because the strength of a relationship with a farm or processor provides a familiar and trusted business opportunity.  All else equal, buyers and sellers will always choose a trusted resource over a new relationship. Currently in the hemp marketplace, there are many farms …

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10,000 kilos of CBD – Market Analysis

Major Updates in The CBD & Hemp Industry: Industrial Hemp Litigation: U.S. Postal Service Loses CBD Delivery Case Hemp Legalization Is Officially In The Final Farm Bill The 10,000 kilo CBD isolate buyers (unicorns) are circulating through the hemp industry at an increasing rate.  The story is always the same, “I have a client who …

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Organized Crime and Hemp – Tracy’s Story

  WARNING: We do not recommend confronting robbers due to the extreme danger you may encounter. Armed robbery is a new term for the hemp industry.  Unfortunately for Tracy, his worst nightmares are coming true in his fields as he battles a slew of petty and organized criminals targeting his crops.  Little did Tracy know …

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hemp Biomass Pricing Trends based on 2018 harvest

The first question many hemp farmers and processors have is how to establish a fair market price for hemp biomass.  This challenge exists because of the inherent nature of the industry. We need to better understand the relationship between supply and demand in order to determine a fair market price. Right now, the biggest question …

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CBD Isolate Harvest Update 10-3-18

The CBD Isolate shortage is enduring and prices are holding.  We are seeing serious price change resistance during the first round of early harvest hemp, when we would expect to see indicators of price relief, the opposite is true.  Single kilo spot prices are holding between $7,800 and $9,000 per kilo, and ticking upward. There are …

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CBD and Hemp Brokers: Good and Bad

Novice CBD brokerages operate as bridge builders and help new businesses enter the market through their relationships.  They have sales skills, but lack business infrastructure to grow their brokerage business beyond a couple individuals.  Novice brokers rely on NDAs and NCs before an introduction because the introduction is where all the value is created. These brokers are chasing tales of quick money made through arbitrage, by selling CBD material for more than they pay.

Biomass Cost per LB Calculator

This calculator determines the cost / lb of Hemp biomass that is rich in CBD content.  Based on the price per percentage point CBD, this calculator tells you the final price per lb.  There is a second version of the calculator for future harvests where there is uncertainty in the final CBD potency in a …

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CBD Extract calculator

The following calculators are based on the cost per milligram of CBD. Use the calculators to determine your cost per kilo of CBD extract, and what you are paying for a mg of CBD.  Ultimately, at the end of the CBD value chain, end consumers are paying for mgs of CBD.  This is why wholesalers …

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CBD Basis Points : How to Price CBD

Hemp is the next commodity for the US agriculture market. The CBD market is exploding due to  new consumer products, from topicals to coffee, hitting the market on a daily basis. After hundreds of conversations at trade shows such as NOCO, CBD World Expo, NCIA shows and Cannacon, my understanding is that the consumer facing …

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Hurricane Florence : Ag Industry Expects Total Loss

The worst case scenario is unfolding for Hemp farmers located in the Carolinas.  Hurricane Florence is the strongest storm system to hit the east coast in modern day history. Due to the legal status of hemp, these farmers are faced with a desperate decision regarding their crops.  We spoke with North Carolina Hemp farmers to …

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