Shahein Nadjafi

New Year, New Weed

The first year of legal cannabis in California has come to a close and here we are in 2019. Coming into the new year the BCC has proposed their new permanent regulations which will be adopted very shortly. All licensees who have followed the rules will soon be converted from temporary licenses to permanent bringing …

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Best Practices For Conducting Transactions

Conducting successful transactions in the legal market requires the same care and attention that you give your plants during the growth cycle. It is important to stay organized during the entire seed to sale process. There should be a standard quality assurance procedure that takes place before anything leaves a cultivator’s premises and for intake where applicable. Here are …

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Pulling Gold From Soil

THC distillate is one of the wonders of the rapidly emerging cannabis industry. It is the most pure and potent form of THC that is available market wide, and its applications are limitless. Seasoned smokers can purchase the oil alone with purity approaching 99% THC content for dabs just like any other concentrate. What sets this sticky oil apart is that when you refine …

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