Kush Marketplace: How it Works

The wholesale marketplace has been growing exponentially! Here’s a quick guide for how the Kush Marketplace works, and the best way to close deals.

Buying On Kush

If your sourcing material in the legal cannabis landscape, there’s no reason to not use the Kush Marketplace. When you find a product you’re interested in, you can either request more information or make an offer. (see images below)

The action will open a direct chat box at the bottom of the page where the seller can respond with more information, or accept/counter your offer.

Once a deal is closed (or close) Kush steps in and verifies your seller by gathering the:

  • License Number
  • Company & Product Information
  • Contact & Shipping Information
  • Buyer Indemnification and Additionally Insured Information
  • Purchase Information including a disclose for all pesticides used

After we’ve verified your seller, we’ll send a buyer introduction containing the company and contact information provided for both parties. From there you’ll have everything needed to treat the deal like a normal cannabis purchase.

Making A Sale

The Kush Marketplace is the best place to connect with a great number of buyers fast. Post your products for free, even one picture and a strong description are enough to get started.As buyers make offers or information requests you’ll receive email alerts, and can view all the ongoing conversations from the ‘Conversations’ page.

Once a sale has closed, Kush will send over a few forms by DocuSign. They’ll list our fee, found on the Terms Page, and have you provide basic contact and company information. From there we’ll send our buyer introduction, or order confirmation, with the company and contact information provided for both parties. You can treat it like any other sale! Keep in mind we won’t send our invoice for fees until delivery is complete to account for any returns or rejections, so there are no worries.

Wanted Ads / Buyer Requests

The Wanted Ads section lets buyers post exactly what they need, and allows sellers to be proactive when seeking out buyers. We’ve added the direct chat, along with the ‘upload product’ features and automated some of the process using ‘Buyer Requests’.

As a buyer, you can post a wanted ad. You will see all of the current matches and have new producers compete to fulfill your request. You will be sent products complete with pictures and description & prices. From there you have direct communication with motivated sellers and can make offers or request further information.

As a seller, this is the best way to be proactive and seek out hungry buyers on the Marketplace. Post your product as normal, and if you see a wanted ad that fits, you can send your product directly to the buyer. A chat box will start at the bottom of the page and you can close the deal from there.

If you have any questions, let us know! You can always reach us at 206-556-6405.

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