Big Hemp and Tobacco Agriculture

Is 2019 the year of mega farms entering the hemp industry?  Yes.  The past week, our hemp coordinator was on vacation.  As CEO, I took over validating new accounts as an opportunity to speak with every new hemp user on the Kush Marketplace platform.  With more than 100 Hemp businesses registering every week, this provides …

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S.420 The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act.

Once again, Oregon is fighting the good fight out there for Marijuana Reform. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced a three-bill proposal last week to the Senate. Here is a brief rundown of what the new legislation entails. Be sure to click the links for the full text of the bills. The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation …

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❄ Snowpocalypse ❄

If this past Sunday and Monday for Washington wasn’t terrible enough, get ready for some more snow! “Seattle faces one of its biggest snow threats in years, maybe decades, as 8 to 12 inches is forecast to fall Friday night into Saturday. More snow could fall Sunday night through the middle of next week. Given …

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Group Buys ‘Beta’

Check out the Group Buy Feature What if we could all organize and use the marketplace to get better prices on everything from soil to glass jars? What if even the smallest farms could benefit from the industry’s buying power? Kush Marketplace has launched a streamlined process for bulk purchasing and selling ancillary products within …

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Category 3 Testing for Dummies

Phase III cannabis testing screens for arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium content in the tested product. These heavy metals are often found in raw materials, and tend to concentrate even further with refined products. Understanding where these contaminants come from could shield you and your investments from major problems down the line. Heavy metals are …

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CBD Spot Prices – Feb 2019

The CBD market is a constantly evolving, on a weekly basis.  In this article we examine current spot prices of CBD for Hemp biomass, crude, distillate and isolate, and what factors are influencing price.  Our goal is to create an index of prices so that you can price your products to sell on the marketplace, …

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4 Tips to Help You Succeed on the Marketplace.

The Kush Marketplace is still getting busier and busier. Stay organized and don’t let things slip through the cracks! Here are a few tips that will help you succeed and close deals over the platform. Communication is Key Lack of Communication is one of the biggest factors with deals that fall through in the wholesale …

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Is Direct to Consumer Cannabis Coming to Washington State?

During the recent Cannabis Collaborative Conference, Rick Garza (Director of the Washington LCB) commented that the state will consider allowing small producers/farms to sell directly to the consumer. Needless to say, this debate is already gaining a lot of attention.

Kahner Global Investment Series

The Cannabis Private Investment Summit Series has quickly become one of the leading educational conferences on cannabis in North America. Started in 2015 by Noa Kahner of Kahner Global, the summit allows some of the most innovative minds within the blossoming world of cannabis the opportunity to meet with a small number of meticulously vetted high-net-worth investors …

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The Impact of moisture on Hemp Biomass

This article examines the sales process for farmers and processors, and the impact water weight has on the fair market value of CBD.  Currently market rate for hemp biomass is hovering between $3.25 and $4.25 / % / lb. Although this is accepted across the industry as the fair market rate, there is a major …

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